Hi, I'm Mike!

I'm a Student, AI Researcher, and Venture Capitalist based in the Bay Area. Working towards creating deep learning models that improve societal health and welfare.

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Hi, my name is Michael and I am a sophomore at Stanford University majoring in Computer Science (AI Track) and minoring in Economics.

Outside of work and class, I'm a big coffee fan ☕️ and an even bigger corgi lover 🐶 I also love working out and am constantly on the hunt for the next great read. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

While the world is theoretically a finite system, I believe that the complexity of the world is essentially infinite given our current lifespan. Thus, I believe that we should never stop growing and that's what I constantly strive for. I am interested in the intersection of technology and the humanities, and feel that the two schools of thought are simple different flavors of the human experience. I actually wrote some poems on the topic: check them out below!

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Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Data Analysis


I am pursing the following at Stanford University:

  • B.S., Computer Science (AI Track), Class of 2025
  • M.S., Management Science and Engineering (prospective)
  • Minor, Economics

Outside of class, I am Vice President of Tech in the Stanford Pre-Business Association (SPBA), and previously led a business consulting project for Webacy, a seed-stage Web-3 startup creating next-generation asset protection products. I am also Director of HackSpace at Stanford Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students (BASES), , which seeks to create a space to inspire and grow the next unicorns on campus! I am also a member of ASES Breakthroughs Deep Tech team (a premier venture capital education program), and a former member of Donner Houses dorm government!

Another one of my claims to fame is being on Stanford Dinings' website!

Relevant Coursework
CS231NDeep Learning for Computer Vision
CS224NNatural Language Processing with Deep Learning
CS221Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques
STATS202Data Mining and Analysis
CS131Foundations of Computer Vision
CS161Design and Analysis of Algorithms



LegalSparseSum explore the effects of various fine-tuning methods on generating abstractive summaries of legal documents that are on average 10,000+ words long.

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An Anthology of Science and Literature

This is a collection of poems I wrote exploring the intersection of science and literature.